New Release!

The last installment of the Love, Money or SoHo series, “Fight for Fifth Avenue” is now available on in paperback and e-reader editions. Get yours now and see how it all ends! Plus enjoy a sneak preview of the upcoming book “Sleeping with the Stars”, coming in 2018.

The quiet times

  Growing up the last of four children, our house was never quiet. Between my mother, brother and two sisters, someone was always talking, yelling, watching tv, vacuuming, clanging dishes, revving up dirt bikes, singing along to the radio, running the dryer or doing anything and everything to be loud. It was a constant calamity … More The quiet times


I am a mother to two beautiful baby girls. Well, not so much babies anymore. Toddlers. And right now, my life completely revolves around these girls, as it should. And I know as a mom, I’m supposed to say I want my babies to stay babies forever. To stay little and cuddly and loveable as long as … More Waiting…


Being a mom is fairly new to me. I’ve only been in the business going on six years now, so I can’t quite claim any sort of veteran status or tenure. I know there is a lot that I have yet to learn and when the time comes, I will make sure to take notes. … More Mom-isms