Highs and Lows

We play a game at dinnertime every night with our girls called high low. We go around the table and say what our high for the day was. For my five year old it usually has something to do with candy or when daddy came home from work. Sometimes it’s that we went to the … More Highs and Lows

Pieces of you…

The people we allow into our hearts change us. They make a space inside our soul and own it. They create moments that shape how we live our own lives. They are intrinsically a part of us. And as such, it breaks us when they die. When I was little, I used to think that … More Pieces of you…

New Release!

The last installment of the Love, Money or SoHo series, “Fight for Fifth Avenue” is now available on Amazon.com in paperback and e-reader editions. Get yours now and see how it all ends! Plus enjoy a sneak preview of the upcoming book “Sleeping with the Stars”, coming in 2018.

The quiet times

  Growing up the last of four children, our house was never quiet. Between my mother, brother and two sisters, someone was always talking, yelling, watching tv, vacuuming, clanging dishes, revving up dirt bikes, singing along to the radio, running the dryer or doing anything and everything to be loud. It was a constant calamity … More The quiet times