Highs and Lows

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We play a game at dinnertime every night with our girls called high low. We go around the table and say what our high for the day was.

For my five year old it usually has something to do with candy or when daddy came home from work. Sometimes it’s that we went to the pool and they made a new friend. New friends get a lot of highs at our table.

Then when we’ve all shared our highs, to remember the best moments of the day, we each share a low part, when we could’ve done better and we promise to try harder the next day.

I love the highs. Hearing what my girls are thankful for each day, what makes them most happy and teaching them to be grateful. It’s like opening a window into their sweet, innocent little hearts.

But the lows are actually the most important.

Some days, they can’t think of a low, no matter how hard they try. I know with my cynical mind, I always have a few to share, but they have a hard time.

When they do share a low, it is usually profound.

And sometimes it hurts.

It could be something as simple as when one of them stole a toy from the other, or when they scraped their knee on the sidewalk.

But sometimes their low was when mommy lost her temper because of something stupid. Sometimes their low was when Daddy didn’t come home because he has other obligations. Sometimes their low is when they felt something so deeply that their little hearts couldn’t wrap themselves around it.

And after the lows, we talk.

We make promises to be better about our temper. Me mostly.

We explain that missing someone means you love them and that even though Daddy can’t always be here, he misses us too.

We talk about how we will make tomorrow the best day ever.

In our lives, it is important to remember the highs and the lows. To be grateful for every breath we take, every sunrise and every sunset. Every morning giggle, every delicious piece of chocolate, every good book, every picture perfect moment, every ice cold beer…

But we also need to realize that life isn’t perfect. It’s ugly and messy and sucks sometimes. People go away, or lose their temper, or take our stuff.

And when it does suck, you feel that pain and use it to try harder, and to be better. You try to understand that although life isn’t fair, it’s still beautiful.

There are still plenty of highs to share, even if they are simply that Daddy came home. Or that Mommy made the best tacos ever. Or that we get to sit down to dinner together and teach each other about life.

Not every day is going to be a good day, but there is good in every day, and some days, you get to be that good. And that is the best high.

Enjoy your life.









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