Big girls cry…


It takes such a small insignificant thing to make me cry. I used to blame it on my pregnancy hormones, now I blame it on my “mom” hormones, but the fact is, I’m a habitual crier.  I cry at movies, at songs on the radio, at sappy commercials, you name it. If it even remotely pulls at a heartstring, I’m weeping.

So why is it that I get so annoyed when my kids cry? I mean, I tell myself it’s because they are crying over nothing. But it’s not nothing to them. And I cry over nothing. What makes it ok for me to do it but not for them? Aren’t I just as much of a drama queen as they are?

Maybe more so because I don’t see them shedding a tear for the commercial with the animals in the shelter and the gut-wrenching Sarah McLachlan song in the background? I mean, come on! Those dogs look so sad!! They need a home people!!

I try to raise my girls to be strong, independent women (yes, they’re only 2 and 3 but you have to start them young!) and for most people, crying is a sign of weakness. A sign that something has overwhelmed you and you aren’t strong enough to bear it. Not that I consider myself weak, but I don’t want my kids crying over every little bump in the road, so shouldn’t I have the same self control?

How can you be strong and weak at the same time? And how do I tell them they can’t cry over a toy when mommy cries at the disappearance of an imaginary friend on a kids movie? (Spoiler alert, Inside Out is a sad movie, folks!)

We were made with tears that come out of our eyes when our body feels things.

It’s as simple as that.

We are the only species on Earth that cries emotional tears. The ONLY species! Doesn’t that make crying a special thing? How cool is it that no other animal can cry actual tears when it gets emotional? I think it’s amazing. But maybe that’s because I’m a crier.

So, I guess I should try to be easier on my girls when life is so overwhelming that it brings them to tears. They have emotions just like any other human being and they should be allowed to cry over who gets the last ice cream sandwich. I know I would. Except its usually me hiding in the closet eating the last one so they don’t fight over it. But that is another mom issue for another day.

Now to go get another box of tissues, I see an insurance commercial coming on.


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